Kore Press Annual Benefit Auction is back!

Left to right: Valyntina Grenier, Ellen McMahon & Valerie Galloway!

Silent Art Auction & Garden Party MAY 30TH 2010

Tickets are $5 in advance, $10 at the door, which includes auction and garden party admission, eats and drinks by “Gallery of Food” and music by sound sculptress Vicki Brown! Come bid on pieces by the hottest artists from Tucson and elsewhere. Various other sundry items will be auctioned as well. Please RSVP by May 26!

Participating artists: Valerie Galloway,Elee Oak, Ken Rosenthal, Lisa Robinson, Annie Guthrie, Ann Simmons-Myer, Patricia Katchur, Valyntina Grenier, Jude Clarke, Ellen McMahon, Wil Taylor, Gregory Sale, Rand Carlson, Eva Harris and others!

Go to www.korepress.org to place a bid or/ and buy tickets!


2 responses to “Kore Press Annual Benefit Auction is back!

  1. I know the auction is already over, but have been wanting to say for awhile that I really dig the work of yours they used on the promo materials!

  2. Thanks J! /Blast/ 8″x8″ is an encaustic on cedar board w/ malachite flakes I picked off of the top of Mt Lemon here in Tucson. It’s not quite finished yet…

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