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PHANTOM ORGANS is an 8″x10″ mixed media painting for BOTH AND, a series based on an image I’ve created  to express a general opposition to binary thinking. Depending upon the viewer, the image – a uterus with a cervix in the shape of a penis, with gonads that can be read as both testicles and ovaries – appears female or male or both.

The title BOTH AND is inspired by Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams: “if an uncertainty can be resolved into an ‘either – or’, we must replace it for purposes of interpretation by an ‘and’ and take each of the apparent alternatives as an independent starting-point for a series of associations.”

My initial drawings of the image were made in 2001 as a response to undergoing surgery to diagnose endometriosis. After experiencing additional “reproductive health issues” I had a radical hysterectomy. For me, BOTH AND is associated with health, gender, and equality.

I’m currently working on 3 5’x5′ paintings in the series. The  painting above is available.



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In Order of Appearance Index

ART   1.Keith Sonnier 2.Jonathan Borofsky 3. Chris Doyle at Andrew Edlin Gallery 4.Prada SOHO 5.Dan Flavin at 101 Spring St. 6.Roy Hargrove Quintet at The Blue Note 7.Oscar Bony 8&9.MOCA Transmissions: Art in Eastern Europe and Latin America, 1960–1980, Artisits- you tell me… 10.MOMA Sculpture Garden, artist- you tell me… 11.Juan Downey 12.Joan Miró 13.Barbara Rossi 14.Geta Brătescu 15.Robert Janitz at Teamgallery

FOOD   1.Marta Manhattan 2.Friend of a Farmer 3.MAMO NYC 4.Hudson Clearwater 5.The Dutch 6.Sarabeth’s Tribeca 7.The Greek NYC 8.Santina (for dinner and breakfast the next day) 8.Indochine 9.Joe’s Pizza on Carmine 10.I didn’t take any photos but The Shake Shack in Brooklyn

VIEWS   1.Manhattan 2.Central Park 3.Washington Square Park 4.Kimpton 70 Park 5.The New Whitney 6.The Highline 7.Reunion Goods&Services 32 Avenue of the Americas 8.Greenwich Village 9.Prada 10.SOHO 11.Downtown 12.Brooklyn Bridge 13.Brooklyn Hights 14.NYC Subway 15.MOMA 16.Chelsea Market 17.West Side Riverwalk Sunset 18.Uptown 19.Central Park 20.Washington Square Park 21.Fountain at 6th Ave and Carmine 22.Hotel Hugo