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I owe the title of this series to my sex-same partner, who often opens the shade of a morning and exclaims, “It’s another sunny day in the desert.”  The phrase can be understood as a point of fact, irony, or wonder.  In a state that votes discrimination into law with such Senate bills as the federally-disputed SB 1070, and that narrowly vetoed SB 1062, which would have legalized a faith-based right to refuse service to assumed members of the LGBTQ community, it doesn’t always feel like a sunny day.

So much behavior comes from, and makes for, heavy hearts. To oppose fear and hatred, I am compelled to expose and explore with light-heartedness and whimsy.  It is important to me to bring heavy subjects to “light.”

The master images for ANOTHER SUNNY DAY IN THE DESERT exist as light.  Reading about David Hockney’s use of iPhone technology to make art led me to explore the drawing applications available on my iPhone. I settled on Green Gar’s Whiteboard app.  I began making digital paintings in 2012 at local businesses, and outdoors at home of an evening or afternoon.

My use of color was greatly expanded by working with a digital palate.  It was a delight to match colors in encaustic and acrylic with the digital colors.  Each encaustic or acrylic corresponds to a digital fingerpainting and is one of a kind. Translating digital images into encaustic art required me to use tools in new ways. Previously I relied on incising, using paintbrushes to fill incisions, but with these pieces, I also used the brushes to paint.  Next, I used a heat gun to move and to fuse the layers that I’d painted on. The process of moving back and forth between ultra-contemporary and ancient techniques is liberating.

The prints are produced in a range of sizes, with a maximum of 5 images per size and a maximum of 25 prints per image.

All works are discounted for purchase during the exhibit. If you would like to take a piece home today, Café Passe will accept cash on my behalf. If you would like to pay with a credit card ($5.00 processing fee on purchases of $100 or less) via PayPal, please contact me.

Thank you to Betts Printing and Fred’s Custom Stretching.


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With these series of flags I am working w/ Peruvian mineral paints I brought home from the Pisac market in the Sacred Valley. The paper is 140lb watercolor paper from a roll and sheets of Canson printing paper.  I brush the blank paper w/ h2o then sprinkle on the mineral powder and use a squirt bottle to spray the pigments and paper w/ a mixture of Dr. Bronner’s mint soap. Then I use a monoprint-inspired technique by laying another damp sheet on top and rolling a wooden dowel back and forth over the stack. I add and remove strips of painters tape throughout the process as well as a bit of acrylic paint here and there. I also favored a variety of metal scraping tools over brushes to add texture.


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Reading about David Hockney’s use of iPhone technology to create art led me on a search to explore the drawing applications available on my iPhone. I settled on Green Gar’s Whiteboard app. Many of these were drawn on the front porch in the desert of an evening, or on the back porch of an afternoon, inspired by Tucson’s green desert. Each encaustic corresponds to a digital “fingerpainting” and is one of a kind.

The images printed on glossy photo paper are available in a range of sizes, beginning at 8 1/2″x11″, limited to an edition of five archival prints.
8 ½” x 11” $100
Larger sizes (24” x 36” or 48” x 72” for example) priced upon request.

To view the images one by one go to valyntiagrenier.com

Also, CLOUDSHOW / UTOPIA (see below) is showing at Bentley’s till September 15th


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My final work on the Garza commission. The completed art work, acrylic on 140lb watercolor paper, measures 59″x 36″ and is prepared to be hung w/ either width at the top or bottom. If you are interested in a custom made piece of artwork I am currently accepting commissions in any of the media and series found at my website valyntinagrenier.com contact me there!


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